What is the wallpaper on your desktop, and why is it needed?

It is not impossible to define exactly who first coined the term “HD Wallpapers”. We only know that this word arose among Windows developers, Apple programmers say just “pictures”.

First splash on the bulky monitors look gray and dull. Then there was the ability to change colors, but it was still possible to “paint” the screen in only one color: blue or orange, green or red.

Modern Wallpaper look more like works of art, they are multicolor, dynamic (animated desktop) and very expressive. Nobody can call such screensavers dull or gray.

What scenes of wallpaper are the most popular for your desktop?

According to statistics, users often choose the four categories of Wallpapers.

  • Landscapes with a predominance of green.
  • Photos of famous people.
  • Images of animals.
  • Cartoon characters.

Romantic young ladies love to contemplate the fabulous scenery, like mountain streams, green lawns, or the sunset over the sea. And they like cute animals. Best of all, if it will be not adults, but babies: puppies, kittens, cubs. Men choose cityscapes, abstract and elegant patterns, fractals for example. Well, there are fans who like to put document folder in the nooks and crannies of the luxurious and voluptuous models. The kids decorate their monitors with their favorite cartoon characters or computer games.

What is the wallpaper on your desktop

What is the role of wallpaper on your desktop?

Psychologists believe that the selection of screen savers to your desktop is very important. They help to tune in the desired fashion, to feel “at home”. During strenuous activity under the stressful conditions of lack of time or excessive noise peaceful image of a green valley acts as a good rest. Visual information affects mood, stimulates or soothes. If you have not found the very image that you enjoy on the free sites, you can buy it on the Internet. Just the same it is easy to buy drugs in online pharmacy dr. francais, where a great variety of drugs and other medical products are presented.

How often should you change wallpaper?

Psychologists’ studies have established that people, who often change the wallpapers, are more productive and work harder, and consistency in the choice of images on the monitor indicates a lack of initiative and unwillingness to work. By the way, the choice of dark, obscure colors or the aggressive plots indicates the difficulties in the world perception of this man or about the unhealthy atmosphere in the team.

Therefore, the head office from time to time looks at the desk of each employee to be aware of the atmosphere in the company.

When Bill Gates invented its operating system with its desk, the average user had a need to decorate it, because a simple monochromatic background of the picture on the monitor did not inspire. The pictures on the desk, marching in the kit with the license disk Windows, of course, were good, but wanted a change. In those wonderful days there weren’t so common programs for image processing, and they were mostly available for professional artists and designers. But their bright minds got the idea of creating images specifically for windows desktop. So first wallpapers images were created by them.

Gradually, with the development of the Internet and the increased availability of information in the network it began to appear a variety of programs for “dummies”, using which you could process images. Ordinary users enthusiastically began to explore them and share the results of their success in the World Wide Web. In addition, with the advent of digital photography, they had the opportunity to film whatever they want, and then make this wallpaper for their desktops.

And now you can even omit these artful manipulations with Photoshop and just go to a website, which is lined with similar themes and download pictures to your desktop. Moreover, there are a lot of themes to decorate a display image in the Internet. Very popular images of nature on your desktop are always beautiful. Men prefer to put on desk the images of scantily clad hotties, following the age-old male instinct. Most women like to see with photos of kittens, puppies or their children on their monitors. The fans of actors or singers, of course, want to see their idol on the display.

In General, natural desktop themes are truly inexhaustible. In summer you set pictures of flowers on the desktop of your PC, so that during a working day among glass and plastic you will not forget that it still hot season out of the window. In autumn you can set anything yellow-red with the flying leaves. But the most beautiful wallpapers images – winter in its entire snowy splendor. Hummocks of ice, snowflakes, frozen plains, winter nature – you can install anything you like. The contemplation of these pictures will bring aesthetic pleasure and distract you from routine.